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Saturday, September 10, 2016


Two can play the game of "freedom."

Everybody by now has probably heard about the football player who refused to stand for the national anthem. My first reaction was: Instead of giving this guy media attention, why not just ignore him?

Now, however, I have read that the whole Seattle Seahawks team may refuse to stand for the anthem—on September 11, no less! That raises my hackles.

Here's what I wish people, season ticket holders included, would do: EVERYONE NOT GO TO ANY MORE SEATTLE SEAHAWKS GAMES AND NOT WATCH THEM ON TV. Let these overpaid, ungrateful athletes have their freedom to not stand—in front of nobody, with nobody watching them on their big moneymaker, TV! If enough people did this, it would hit them in the pocketbook pretty soon.

Two can play at this game of "freedom."


  1. One of the NHL coaches said there are many ways to get your opinion across to the public. But, if you don't stand for the flag and the national anthem you don't play. Maybe the football players have to learn a little respect.

  2. they are not going to stand until you hit them where it hurts them the most...their wallet. Boycott anything that these unpatriotic self serving millionaires endorse, and YES that includes beer and pizza. Give them a virtual tack on their seat by lightening their wallet load. I hope the Police Unions follow through and walk off the sports venues that allow this to go on.


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