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Saturday, September 24, 2016


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  1. Dave:

    You bring up some cogent points as to the lack of delegate participation at meetings. Here are a few thoughts of mine.

    I have lived at CV for 12 years now, and the demeanor of some of the attendees at the DA meetings has gone steadily downhill. It started with Howie Silver's silly stage performances in the last months of the Lowenstein administration. The bad behavior of the few agitators who were ousted once you became UCO President have added to the ongoing poor demeanor at many meetings since. Secondly, the make up of those living at CV has changed a lot demographically in the past 10+ years. Many of the new residents do not have the time or interest in attending a third party organization (UCO) meeting in addition to dealing with the more important issues at their own Associations. They are younger and have other interests outside of CV.

    One way around a continuing lack of participation might be to suspend DA meetings for three or four months in the summer--with the bylaw change allowing the Officers and or Executive Committee to act on business during that time. At least with 8 or 9 months during the season, a few more delegates might show up.

    As for controlling the meeting outbursts, I see only a PBSO deputy presence required to assure orderly conduct. If the meetings calm down a bit, a few more people might show up.


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