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Monday, November 28, 2016


Executive Board - Nov. 28, 2016 from David B. Israel on Vimeo.

Videography and Processing
John and Kitty Gragg

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  1. Herb's comments about the Reporter selling advertising and separating the classified ads are completely off-base. EVERY newspaper in this country places advertising and stories throughout the paper specifically to MAKE the reader see what the Advertiser is paying for. Without placement of the advertising, the the cost will be turned over to the residents. As it is, the paper is self-sufficient and as in previous years, the funds created by the Reporter have in the past helped reduce payments. Turning the paper into half advertising would be the BIGGEST financial mistake you could make. To change the way it is will cost the paper a great deal of revenue. The last thing you want is the paper in the red, or worst yet, turned into a newsletter, we have enough of that already. The Reporter is a real newspaper.
    Some time back, they instituted a no coupon policy, just show your village ID because some residents hoarded multiple copies for the coupons and others did not get their paper.
    As far as the printers catching a mistake, they generally do not read what is sent to them, they count on their customers copy to have been proof read. It is not their job, unless you want to pay even more to the printer.


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