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Friday, November 4, 2016


Hi David, it's Mariel,

My Comcast $41. dollars a month is so slow, I have time to cook dinner & eat it before the page boots up. Yes, Dave, do what you can to get us up to speed as quickly as you can. We're all getting older by the minute here, even those who need to be dragged along in the 21st century. Thank you for all you do for us. It is greatly appreciated.


  1. There are people in the village that do not or will not give up their old dial phones, what makes you think they will agree to come out of their cave and join the real world? Their claim is "we don't use it, why should we pay for it?" Many don't use the buses, but they still pay for it, many don't use the dock, but we still paid for that. This is part the Condo life. You pay for amenities that not everyone uses. I personally don't play shuffleboard or bocci ball, I don't sail in tiny boats, I rarely ride the bus unless I know I won't get a parking spot for a show. I still pay for it, and over time they expand on things like pickle ball, new tennis courts, revamping the gym at Hastings, new carpets everywhere, I still pay for it, as do you and everyone else. So getting village-wide WiFi is just one more thing to add to their of amenities that should go under the same umbrella. People need to stop trying to halt progress, because it may bite them in the rump later. Especially when the ol' Dumount Laboratories Model 180 or their old Admiral TV breaks down and you have to buy a new one, and they come with that new fangled WiFi capability that you won't be able to use. Be a shame to let it go to waste.

    1. Thank you Bob. That's exactly what I meant. Let's get up with the times. I don't ride busses either. Been to the pools 3 times in the 19 years I've lived here, once to the movies, never to the dances, yet I still pay my recreation fees to WPRF.
      We need to update our internet connection (my only vice) to facilitate our communications with our families & friends, to say nothing with keeping up with the real news from all over the world. Thank you again Bob for dragging the malcontents into the 21st century. Bravo...

  2. You are so right Bob. I have WiFi in my condo. I will still vote YES to have it village wide. This is also a great selling point. The people moving in are in their 50s mostly. Do you think they want a village from the 70s? They want up to date. That means WiFi. Everywhere you go there is WiFi. We NEED it in the village.


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