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Friday, December 16, 2016


I've heard different guesses (and some assertions) on how many residents in the Village have a computer. I would estimate that about half of our association's 26 units have someone who uses a computer, but our association may not be typical—and neither may yours be typical.

This would be a nice thing to know for when decisions are being made about Wi-Fi and Broadband, etc. The number of computer users is growing, of course, but what is it NOW?

It occurred to me that one way to find out might be to have WPRF ask unit owners if they have a computer (which they use) when WPRF sends out their 2017 coupons. Ask owners to complete a simple YES or NO form and return it. Is it too late for this? Would this work or is there a better way? I think that unfortunately a good deal of guesswork about this has been going on.


  1. it could be useful if your ask for the use of computer/ipad por android pad/magicjack or voip phone / smart TV or streaming device.

  2. Haven't we already had this survey a few years ago? Of course more units have been sold and younger, 55s etc are moving in and I would think they have computers, smart phone etc.

  3. 'WI-FI THE FUTURE OF AWESOME' do you recognize that, its the xfinity comcast grandma house ad on TV all the time!! Advertising for us :-)


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