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Saturday, January 14, 2017


From first-hand observation and from talking with those involved in our Clubhouse shows, there are two things I believe could use "cleaning up"—one quite literally.

1. The SOUND has been terrible. It nearly ruined the most recent show put on by the Act Two Repertory Theater after the actors and stage hands had put in months rehearsing. The sound, especially from the mikes the actors wore, just disappeared MANY times. One entire act was done without sound amplification, so all you saw were the beautiful costumes and the actors going through the motions. Realizing the handicap they were working under, the grateful audience applauded in mid-performance. Thank goodness for understanding patrons, but this ought not to be. Sound problems have plagued other performers in other shows as well. I don't know if the problem has been with the sound system itself or whether there is also an element of operator carelessness. I do understand we need better-quality mikes for the performers to wear. Can't WPRF, which is front and center on making Village improvements and beautifying things, fix this and spend a little money here?

2. I wouldn't have known this from where I usually sit in the theater, but some of those who have been on the stage tell me the stage floor is filthy dirty and never gets swept! Moreover, they say, there are "stickies" ALL OVER the floor showing where the performers were supposed to stand from innumerable past shows. This is what literally needs cleaning up from what I've been told, and kept cleaned up. Our performers should not have to work on a stage floor so ill-kempt. Has this just not been an assigned job? 


  1. How about getting a competent person in the booth that can do the sound AND handle the spotlights or get a person just for the spot lights. It is really pitiful to go to a show and watch the performers frustration with the sound and spot lights. Spot light are not that difficult, I'm surre you could get a volunteer to handle it.

    1. In a professional theater according to union rules you would have a person for each. As well do the performers get a chance to rehearse with the sound/lighting person?


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