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Saturday, January 7, 2017


From a broadband neophyte, or  nestling, as Heinlein would say, several questions regarding Atlantic Broadband Services' “replacement of the Comcast contract (Broadband” (UCO Reporter, page A3)

Hi all, these are important questions, so I am going to respond here in red:
Please recall that the contract is under negotiation:
Dave Israel

According to the UCO Association Fees, also page 3, each condo unit presently pays $36.70 for “Cable”. Mr. Israel writes that “additionally” each unit owner will have the option of either Internet or digital telephone. “Total cost being $45.00/mth/unit”. I assume, then, that the $45.00 pays for either TV + Internet or TV + telephone.

Question #1: What is the charge for TV only, without Internet or Telephone? Still $45?

The current offer by Atlantic Broadband for TV only is $27.00 for some 300 channels including either EPIX or HBO. This includes an HD set top box, and up to two additional HD outlets.

Additionally, AB will offer 100Mbit Internet for $17.00/Mo. With Internet comes, instead of the HD set top box, a TiVo T6 HD box which can record up to 6 channels simultaneously. That TiVo recorder adds $1.00/ Mo. So, $27.00 + $17.00 + $1.00 = $45.00/Mo.
Question #2: Does the “digital telephone” include, as does my present telephone, all calls to USA or Canada?
The Telephone offer is off the table for Bulk services. Telephone will be available, outside of the Bulk agreement for $25.00/Mo.
Question #3. What would the additional charge be for both Telephone and Internet, assuming mandaory TV)?

As noted, Telephony in not available in Bulk, to many folks have cell phones, and do not want a Landline.
Question #4. Any possibility of just Internet and Telephone, no TV?

No, virtually everyone watches TV, a package without TV would have no chance of passing.
Question #5. Customer support? I see AT&T and Comcast trucks every day: what has ABS promised?

Atlantic Broadband is including a complete wire maintenance program, in the contract. No more Comcast truck roll fee.
Question #6. Will unit owners be able to split between/among providers; e.g. AT&T or Comcast telephone and/or internet; ABS TV?

If The Delegates approve the Atlantic Broadband offer, it becomes a common expense, like the Busses, Ambulance, Security,...Etc/..and all unit owners will be obligated to pay the fee.
Of course, anyone can purchase any individual services from any vendor they choose, but they will still be obligated for the Bulk Services fee.

Answers or explanations appreciated.

I hope that is helpful, do not hesitate to Post follow up questions. We hope to have our Consultant Experts CSI present the entire entertainment package to Delegate Assembly on February 3, 2017.

Dave Israel


  1. Hi Dave,

    Your response below sounds as though one may be able to get ONLY TV with Atlantic Broadband for $27/month, or ALTERNATIVELY (you say "additionally") TV and Internet for $27 plus $17 plus $1 = $45. If so (if you mean alternatively) this is exactly what some of the folk who don't care about Internet want. Did you mean this?

    FROM BLOG Q & A:

    Question #1: What is the charge for TV only, without Internet or Telephone? Still $45?

    The current offer by Atlantic Broadband for TV only is $27.00 for some 300 channels including either EPIX or HBO. This includes an HD set top box, and up to two additional HD outlets.

    Additionally, AB will offer 100Mbit Internet for $17.00/Mo. With Internet comes, instead of the HD set top box, a TiVo T6 HD box which can record up to 6 channels simultaneously. That TiVo recorder adds $1.00/ Mo. So, $27.00 + $17.00 + $1.00 = $45.00/Mo.

  2. Hi Lanny,
    The choices are:

    1) TV only, bulk, for $27.00/Mo.


    2) TV and INTERNET bulk,for $45.00/Mo.

    BULK = all 7854 units are charged.


    1. If then one or the other of these two choices FOR THE VILLAGE AS A WHOLE is Atlantic Broadband's final offer, it would seem to me that the latter is the better choice by far, because anyone who wanted the "extra" of INTERNET would have to pay a lot more for it than $18 ($17 + $1). Do you know how much more? Because if it is a lot more, that would settle it for me. The $45 total for both TV and Internet is a great bargain, and although not everyone here wants Internet right now, more and more residents are wanting it and will want it, and it is fast becoming a sine qua non in selling a unit.

      I am sorry for those who don't want it now, who will pay about $8 a month more, but consider those who pay for but never use our bus service. A huge majority are paying the freight for a mere handful who use the buses, who ironically enough are probably, many of them, the very folk who don't use Internet. Turnabout is fair play!

      As for those who have managed to acquire low-cost Internet through Comcast on an individual unit or association basis, I do not blame them for having got a good deal for themselves, but have they thought about what they will do when the current Comcast contract expires in two years? Do they really think Comcast will continue to service them? For we are NOT likely to continue with Comcast, I take it. This would be precisely the time for them to get on board with a very good deal with Atlantic Broadband, it strikes me. I understand, too, that some of those with the "$5 a month" deals are ALREADY beginning to feel the pinch you forecast, Dave, of insufficient bandwidth to support the activity demanded of their modems.

      We talk about the perils of a long-term contract with a provider such as Comcast or Atlantic Broadband—what about the perils of being locked OUT of a good contract for Internet for the next several years?

    2. "but consider those who pay for but never use": Mr. Howe, you are quite correct in noting that "pay..but don't use" is part of living in a condocracy (my neologism), or a democracy, for that matter. I enter the clubhouse rarely, never the several swimming pools, the laundry, or the buses, but I am at Hastings every day, drive the roads, and am thankful for the security, both roving and the gates. No one utilizes every service or program his COA fees, or taxes pay for(How many CV's have schoolchildren?), but (a) one doesn't get to pick and choose and (b) as we residents age, our use of CV's, or the USA's, offerings change.

  3. What is the annual percentage increase in the offer, for how many years? compounded?

    1. Hi Elaine,

      4%, contract length is 10 years.

      Dave Israel

  4. Mr. Israel: Thank you for your detailed response(s).

    1. Given that you write, “The Telephone offer is off the table for Bulk services. Telephone will be available, outside of the Bulk agreement for $25.00/Mo.”, I assume all three (TV, Internet, and Digital Telephone) would cost $45 + $25 = $70??

    2. For those who, like me, did, or do, not know the difference between “digital telephone” and regular old landline, either Google “” or simply search “digital telephone vs. landline”. Two major differences: (a) No long-distance charges (b) No power, no phone (or Internet or TV). (Advice: Purchase a UPS (Uninterruptable Power Source).

  5. Two more ?'s.
    1. Can I keep the same phone number
    2. Can landlines or cell phones dial digital.

    Ignorantly yours
    Old Nassau'67.

    1. Hi Old Nassau 67,
      1) Number portability depends on the availability of that number in the new carriers allocation block(s). Generally speaking, your number will be portable.

      2) Yes,all dialing is ultimately digital.

      Dave Israel

    2. Thank you for promptly answering my many questions.

  6. This has been a most helpful exchange, especially just prior to the Jan. 11 Broadband-Cable meeting.

    More good news as I read your replies, Dave: First, the contract term has been cut back from the 11 years proposed at the last Broadband-Cable meeting to now 10, and second (not a change, I believe), the interest rate is 4% per annum, which is 1% less than the present Comcast rate.

  7. We need to ask ourselves what do we expect from our village? It was built in the early 70s as a middle class village. We are still a middle class village and we should want to keep it up to date to attract younger 55s and over. People in their 50s or older who come from having all the bells and whistles outside expect the same here. I do. We need broadband throughout the village to keep up pace and keep the price of our condos going up. By the way, I already have broadband in my condo. Wouldn't be without it. I will still vote YES for the good of all here and those who will buy here later.

  8. As a snowbird, a Canadian snowbird, a French Canadian snowbird, I would like Canadian contents: Hockey, news from my country, programs in French. There is a lot of programs in Spanish in the actual Comcast Bundle, no French programs at all .
    As AB is owned by Cogeco they should know about that... We have all American channels available in Canada but no Canadian channels available in southern USA.
    What's in it for me? That is the question everybody is asking for himself. By the way, The TivO box is a really good idea. But if I can not find what I want to record...

  9. Non-Users complain “Why should I pay, through my COA fees, for CV services I don't' use?” Well, everyone lives in a communal setting – condo, city, county, state, country. Part of that living means you pay for services that others, not you, will use - BUT those others will pay for services you, but not they, will use. In Century Village, for example, a resident can use Hastings Gym daily at no additional cost because part of COA fees of others who will never use the gym pay for it – BUT those others utilize the buses, or swimming pools, or clubhouse which that resident never does. One might say that “No one uses every amenity his COA fees subsidize, but everyone uses some.”
    Think about the reverse of inclusive COA fees: What if CV'ers could pick and choose what they pay for? Well, for example, there would be a charge for entering the clubhouse, after the fee for parking; then various fees for, say, using the sewing room, or the card room, the billiards room, or the pools. Maybe even pay toilets and showers. The petanque and shuffleboard courts? The picnic island? Full rates for shows? A basic fallacy of the non-users' argument is the assumption that, if they could pick and choose, the rates for various CV offerings would remain the same – basically, free. Not so.

    Apply the maxim “You can't have your cake and eat it too”: you can't have others fund your activities but not fund theirs.

  10. Presently, McAfee anti-virus protection is included in my AT&T internet program.
    What anti-virus and anti-spyware programs, or protections, does the Atlantic Broadband proposal include?

  11. Hi Old Nassau '67,
    The WiFi system will be protected by a minimum of WPA2 PSK, that is, the Network will be passworded, but each user will have a personal password.
    Will the Vendor provide personal AntiVirus for your computer, probably not, but as we are still in negotiation, we will ask.

    Dave Israel


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