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Monday, February 6, 2017

abolish nominations from the floor

Total chaos and waste of everyone's time at the last delegate assembly.
The people nominated knew they were running, why didn't they submit their names ahead of time?
Some people just love to disrupt the meetings, after one hour of the circus me and other delegates left the meeting.
Thanks for posting the meeting online.


  1. Hi Marc,
    Sorry, but that is their nature. They aspire to relevance.
    Dave Israel

  2. Their whole point is to disrupt. The chose not to send in their bios just so they could stop the real purpose of nominations from the floor. Olga should not have been allowed to nominate 20 people at one time. I think there should be a limit. Poor CSI waiting to be heard. And then to be disrespected by Ed Grossman. By the way I think the Comcast proposal sounds very good.

  3. Sounds like the usual garbage people making a mess at Delegate Meetings. They risk making UCO irrelevant in the long term if this acting out continues.

  4. If the nominees and those nominating knew ahead of time who would be nominating whom—especially in the case of such a large group—it would have been better to ASPIRE TO COURTESY. Courtesy toward all those made to wait through the proceedings. It is hard for me, and I expect for most people, to believe that what took place was really "last-minute." Anita Buchanan and her team did a GREAT job handling in a businesslike, respectful way what was forced upon them.

  5. taking away nominations from the floor, as good as that sounds at times, would make it even More difficult to fill the vacant seats... However, there should be limitations. Listening to Olga rattle off the list (on paper) of her backers trying to stack the deck, so to speak, was ridiculous. If anyone wanted to nominate someone, they had to wait until the microphone hogging nominator gave up the mic.
    One person. one nomination, that way they would at least give the appearance of some kind of fairness to the other potential nominees.

  6. As far as I'm concerned all they've accomplished is to make sure that I will not vote for any of Olga's nominees!

    1. Unfortunately as there are many openings a few of them will get elected. Sad that more people don't get involved in the Village. This is your home.

  7. You make an important point, Marc. I believe there are ten vacancies on the Executive Board and 18 candidates, so the ten with the most votes will get on even if most of them are not candidates you like. However, you can help keep those you consider the worst of the lot off the board by not voting for them. And by not voting for ANY of those you don't like, you can make a "statement" about them, that being reflected in the low total number of votes they get.


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