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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Cease and Desist ??

I think a question needs to be brought up... Why is Ed Grossman, a delegate and NOT an officer or committee member (that I am aware of) calling anyone and trying to negotiate ANYTHING for the village? HE IS NOT AN ELECTED OFFICIAL and therefore has absolutely no authority to call anyone and try to negotiate anything. He should be reprimanded for doing so.
It is the job of the ELECTED officials of the United Civic Organization of Century Village.  The reason for UCO existing is to negotiate the best possible contracts for the village. THAT is the function and purpose of UCO.


  1. Hi Bob,
    Let me assure you that no action taken by Mr. Grossman, or Mr. Moore have had any effect on our negotiations, except to confuse issues.

    The Principals are well aware of the Malcontent component!

    Dave Israel

  2. Excellent question and response!

  3. Does Moore even live here anymore? I know he doesn't own here. according to PAPA, he (or someone with the same name) owns a half million dollar dollar property

    Location Address 9629 SPRAY DR
    Municipality UNINCORPORATED
    Parcel Control Number 00-42-43-30-08-000-0150
    Subdivision BREAKERS WEST PL 9
    Official Records Book
    27596 Page 1630
    Sale Date MAY-2015
    Legal Description BREAKERS WEST PL 9 LT 15
    View Map
    2016 Proposed Tax Notice
    Owner Information
    Mailing address
    9629 SPRAY DR
    ROYAL PALM BEACH FL 33411 1861
    Sales Information
    Sales Date Price OR Book/Page Sale Type Owner
    MAY-2015 $520,000 27596 / 01630 WARRANTY DEED MOORE NEIL J

    If this is him, then why is he even bothering with the poor people of Century Village? Things that make you go HMMMMMMMM....

  4. Hi Bob,
    I am with you and many others in believing it could have been damaging to insert oneself in the middle of serious Village negotiations with the Cable Committee, CSI and the telecommunications companies as "The Messenger" folk did, but I would like to clarify a point: On the "My Village Blogger" Neil Moore says that he, NOT Ed Grossman, was the one who contacted someone at Comcast, plus he says no actual NEGOTIATIONS took place.

    1. Hi Lanny,
      Not merely dangerous, but illegal. The term we are looking for, is "tortious Interference"
      This small group of irrelevant persons want to ruin a potentially excellent deal for the entire Village.
      Dave Israel

  5. So, according to Moore, the gentleman from CSI was correct in calling Grossman a liar? And once again, I have to ask, why is someone that is not an owner in the village and has nothing invested in the village and may not possibly even live in the village talking to Comcast trying to represent the village? Is he nothing but a professional agitator? Could be.

  6. Moore said a few things on Gary's blog, had to write response on my blog. It is quite lenghty, and hope it makes sense to all. check it out, link to blog:
    Check it out,
    Don Foster, nice job on that fencing...


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