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Tuesday, February 28, 2017


To start a discussion about the upcoming vote on TV and/or Internet services, I post the following:

Reading The President's Report (Reporter, March, page A3) “Cable and Internet offers begin to jell” leaves me with two observations.

First, it seems that the comparison chart provided by CSI shortchanges, or misrepresents, Atlantic Broadband's offer.

First of all, the Reporter article was obsolete the day of publication. there was some confusion as to the comparison basis, and no misrepresentation was intended.

 Specifically, the accompanying explanatory article graciously provided by Mr. Israel shows that Comcast and AB offer both optional internet and telephone choices. Yet the chart's “Additional Considerations” box, while showing both Comcast's options (“Blast! 75Mbps for $20/month (includes Wi-Fi; Phone Service $25/month) shows AB's telephone service only (Unlimited phone $25/month”) whereas Mr. Israel clearly states “Also, on an optional basis one can elect for 25 Mbit Internet for $29.00 per month or 100 Mbit for $39.00 per month.” The problem is that a person – possibly a voting delegate- looking at only the chart would think that AB is not offering any internet option.

The latest offer from AB provides 25Mbit Internet at $17.99/Mo, and 100Mbit at $21.99/Mo.
I did send out an updated chart showing the AB updates, with a Doorway fee of $450.00. If you did not get this chart, please Email me at and I will return Email you the chart.

Second, it seems to me that Comcast's offer outshines AB's in five aspects. (1) As far as the basic TV fee, for a dollar more per month, Comcast offers 187 channels to AB's 115.

That 115 channels is a typo, it is actually 315 channels. Additionally, AB has reduced the basic video rate to $29.00/Mo over $3.00/Mo less.

 (2) Comcast's annual escalation is two-thirds of AB's (3% to 4.5%).

AB has restated  the escalation as flat $1.25/year, which is indeed 4.3% of the initial year offering price of $29.00/month. So, you are looking at 3% of 31.29/Mo (94 cents) vs. 4.3% of 29.00/Mo. ($1.25).

(3) For optional internet capacity, Comcast's 75 Mbps is thrice Ab's 25Mbps for $9 less ($20 to $29). Granted, AB's 100 Mbps offer exceeds Comcast's 75, but at twice the monthly fee - $39 vs. $20.

AB most recent offer has 25Mbit Internet at $17.99. and 100Mbit Internet at $21.99/Mo

(4) Comcast also offers a home wiring check, a Rep dedicated to Century Village, and a Service Call Center.

Home wiring check is offered by both companies, it is in fact mandatory to insure that signal strength meets requirements. Comcast still has their $30.00 truck roll fee, where AB has eliminated the truck roll fee entirely. AB also will have a on site Rep dedicated to CV, and a call center.

(5) Finally, as CSI notes on the bottom right corner, the Comcast agreement will save Century Village “$544, 879”.

Which is offset by the fact that Comcasts doorway fee is $350.00 while AB's doorway fee is $450.00.
That difference is over $700K. 
There is no such thing as a free lunch!!

I do not envy the Delegates their decision process!!! But please note, that the Delegates will be asked to have a non-binding preference poll, not a binding vote.

Dave Israel


Old Nassau '67


  1. The Q&A (with answers in RED) between Old Nassau and you, Dave, is very helpful. I'm going to have to print out this little interchange and mull this over tomorrow with the charts and other information in hand. Wish me luck!

    1. Hi Lanny,
      Keep track of subtle changes, there have been some this morning. These negotiations are a continuing process.

      Dave Israel

  2. Mr. Israel: Thanks for your prompt and detailed explanation. I am very glad to read "non-binding preference poll, not a binding vote" because (a) many delegates will have formed their opinion based upon the Reporter chart and (b) ditto for many of their association owners. I would suggest that, at the delegate meeting, if possible, (a) distributing xeroxed copies of the latest offers that the delegates can show their constituents and (b) projecting same on the big screen for discussion and note-taking.

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