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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

HB653 update

We watched the Florida House of Representatives on
and the HB653 changes to Florida Statutes 718. Pretty interesting stuff.
The main reason I watched was because of the retrofitting question. Whether we in the village need to worry about it, especially because some in my association were concerned about opting out.
From what I have seen and read, it is not a concern here. It is for condos 75 ft and above. I don't believe there are any buildings here that meet that criteria.


  1. You are correct Bob. Our attorney told us a few months ago not to bother with the opt out vote as it was unnecessary.

  2. I certainly don't want to argue with an attorney, but if memory serves me right, the reason the opt-out forms were RECOMMENDED was in the event some local authorities—perhaps responding in part to pressure from the companies doing the retrofitting—decided in the future to impose the retrofitting requirement on smaller buildings unless they had opted out.


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