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Sunday, April 2, 2017


People complain at every assembly meeting that so and so can't afford another dollar raise. Well keeping comcast will be just that. it starts out at $32 and change, AB STARTS at $29, That is already a savings of $3 a month, that's an extra can of tuna to some, to others an extra lottery ticket. No, I really am not trying to be a wiseguy, I have eyes, I can see some of these same people claiming poverty going out to play in these "arcades". /their business, but don't claim poverty when you throw it away. There are some with legitimate issues, and if paying and extra buck here or there is hurting them, then Atlantic Broadband is the ONLY choice for them. Cheaper in price, better service, more bang for your buck. For those that say they only watch three channels, well, the rest of the village watches more, and you can stick to watching your three channels at a lower price. it's a win-win.

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