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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Comcast does not charge snowbirds $5.00 for internet when they are not in Florida!!

I just read in the Reporter Comcast charges snowbirds $5.00 for internet when they are not in Florida!!  Not so.  I cancel it every April and reinstate it when I come back down in November.
The $5.00 charge is  for Snowbirds who have a Comcast phone and want the number held for them.
Those who do not wish to pay this charge just get a new number each season.


  1. Hi Roz,
    You said it all, if you forget to suspend your Internet, you will be charged.
    The issue with the phone is very undesirable, Most folks want to keep their telephone number.

    Sorry for the confusion in the Reporter article.

    Dave Israel

  2. It was my understanding Comcast would be charging $5.00/month for unused snowbird Internet months (late spring, summer, fall)— NOT NOW, but under the new contract being negotiated for the next 10 years. I recall getting a point-blank answer on this from the Comcast rep at the last Comcast meeting with the Broadband Committee, and thus it was in my article should you be referring to that, Roz. However, of course, Comcast has not yet committed to an "attorney-approved" contract as Atlantic Broadband HAS. The "murky" part, as I understood the rep, concerned those who were NOT snowbirds who might drop their Internet (presumably for a longer period). Perhaps, however, this whole area is still murky with Comcast. I wouldn't doubt it given how they have made changes. With AB it's quite clear: NO CHARGE FOR INTERNET FOR DROPPING OUT AND COMING BACK--PERIOD.

  3. Hi Lanny and David, thank you both for your replies. When I see info in print that I know is wrong, it makes me wonder what other parts of the information might be incorrect. No cable company charges people for internet service when they cancel it, so it would be silly to charge Century Village people for something no-one else gets charged for, people would be in an uproar. Also when people drop a company and then come back they are welcomed with open arms, not an extra charge. Enough said......because David, since you insist on post-dating all your posts so that everyone else's get buried, I might as well be talking to myself. A post should be placed in date order - that way others will see it and chime in with their opinions.......something that doesn't seem to be being encouraged on this blog.

  4. The one thing overlooked when considering the $5/month "maintenance fee" is the preservation of one's Comcast email address, e.g., The email account remains 100% active so one may send and receive email while on suspension provide, of course, that one has internet access such as a smartphone, tablet on computer hooked up to another provider "up north." There is NO access to the xFinity wi-fi network while on suspension but, according to "Nick" at 800-Comcast, some basic cable channels may be streamed using the xFinity Stream app. By the way, effective May 8, the seasonal hold fee is $7, up from $5.

    From what I can see, AB does not provide an email account, nor mobile tv streaming, so the absence of a hold fee is understandable because there will be ZERO activity while one is away.

    Down here in "sleepy" CVW, Boca Raton, we are just BEGINNING a cable TV committee even though our 6-year bulk cable will expire 12/31-2018, or half a year EARLIER than CVWPB. We are fairly impressed with the numbers that Dave's committee has negotiated and hope that the transition will go smoothly assuming the deal is ratified by the delegates.

    As for phone service, nothing beats MagicJack, which I have been using for a decade. Reliable, crystal clear service with all the bells and whistles including EXCELLENT voice mail which can email you an audio file of every message in addition to server storage. Price? I just renewed for five years for $99 - that's $1.65 per month for unlimited calls to US, CANADA & PUERTO RICO.

    The service is portable - take the pocket-sized hardware with you and connect an ethernet cable to a broadband modem or router ANYWHERE in US or Canada for free phone calls to any phone or take it to other countries for free MajicJack to MagicJack calls back home. (

    It is hoped that our committee in Boca will include bulk internet service, something that doesn't seem to fly up in West Palm Beach. With a bulk internet deal and cable for under $50, we don't expect a hard time getting owner acceptance as we are surely past the 50% intenet users point and any non-users won't object if the cost is the same or less than our TV-only current deal. If the non-internet people are told that with a modem-router they can use next-to-nothing VOIP services like MJ to slash their POTS bills, it's a no-brainer!

  5. On the point of whether the blogmeister should be able to postdate certain posts so they remain at the top of the blog, perhaps we can agree to disagree, Roz. I didn't like it at first either. But then I realized that some important things, valuable to many residents, get posted on the blog (you may except mine), and for the next person to be able to write some long useless thing, forcing an important piece of information (no matter who the author) way down the page wasn't serving the residents' interests. Of course retaining a post at the top can be overdone, which is why we need a wise and fair blogmeister—which I think we have.


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