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Tuesday, May 23, 2017



  1. Rumor? I'll say, and I see that the Messenger Club's new blog is quick to turn it into a full-blown attack on you and the hard-working Broadband Committee. The people in this community should know by now not to trust the inordinate charges made by many who write for that publication. This is just another of their baseless charges. Seems as if "anything goes" if it will defeat you—even if the residents suffer as a consequence.

  2. Ridiculous, Olga saying you were trying "hush-hush" something. There's a difference between your ignoring something because it's such small potatoes and the allegation that you were trying to hush up something of import. If I happen to make no comment about a crack in our sidewalk, does that mean I am trying to HIDE some nefarious deed? Some people choose to see evil everywhere, even where it's not. This tells me something about THEM. The insidious thing is that persisted in this takes over a person.

  3. Hi Lanny,
    There was no "hush-hush" about AT&T pulling fiber to the Associations some years ago in order to market Uverse. Quite a few of our Residents have Uverse, and the AT&T project was publicized in the UCO Reporter and on this Blog.

    The current project by AT&T is to determine the feasibility of pulling fiber into each Unit. AT&T has not wired any Association to each unit. This project has no impact or relationship to our current negotiations with Atlantic Broadband and Comcast.

    Completion of this project and any subsequent AT&T marketing will not be for bulk services of any sort. AT&T did brief the Cable & Broadband Committee and declined to bid on our CV bulk video project.

    Dave Israel

  4. I have AT&T Uverse for phone and Internet myself and have had it for a long time. Chances are I will change my Internet to Atlantic Broadband's Internet if we go with them. If we go with Comcast, I don't know. My Internet costs $42 a month now, and I don't foresee stopping and restarting it, so I probably would switch to Comcast Internet. As for the phone, I don't know. Phone with either AB or CC would cost $25/month plus say 15% ($3.75)= $28.75 while I pay about $48 to AT&T, so I'd save about $20/month with AB or CC. I'd lose my POTS line, though, which I'd likely REALLY appreciate if we had a long-lasting power outage. That will be a decision. I have a cell phone but only use it for emergencies or while I'm away from CV. It costs only $120 a year, which gives me plenty of minutes to last the year. I don't have a Smart phone (too dumb for that), but I'm told my cell phone does take photos.


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