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Thursday, June 1, 2017


The following is copied word for word from "another" Village blog:

"Tuesday, May 30, 2017
WOW ! I just found out that Regan Anderson, the Atlantic broadband rep who is giving us a hard sell about Atlantic Broadband, was the Comcast rep who sold a cable contract to Century Village Boca Raton. Shortly after the contract was finalized he jumped ship and went to work for Atlantic. My source tells me that he extolled the wonderful virtues of Comcast to Boca. CV. Now that he has changed horses and gone to work for Atlantic he is talking out of the other side of his mouth."

I haven't the least idea whether it is true that Regan Anderson, the personable, NOT "hard sell" Atlantic Broadband rep, previously worked for Comcast as alleged by the unnamed writer's "source." (Boy, they like their anonymity!) But if true, must such a move be characterized as "jumping ship" and Regan be accused of "talking out of the other side of his mouth"? Is it not possible to like the company you work for and do a good job there, yet change jobs to another company in the same field without one being a "traitor"? Just yesterday I found that the salesman I always went to at Stewart Toyota left their employ to work for another dealership. This happens all the time, and often there are no hard feelings about it. In fact, my friend is missed at the shop. And so what if there is some dissatisfaction? That's normal. The above about Regan, typical of much on this other blog, strikes me as an unwarranted cheap shot at a man's character. For what purpose? To gain supporters for  Comcast? That's legitimate—but in this way? For the "purpose" of working against ANYTHING Dave Israel is for, no matter how beneficial to the Village? Ah, perhaps this gets closer to the bone: Throw the Village under the bus as long as we "get" Dave.

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  1. Hi Lanny,
    FYI, Regan Anderson works in the Cable industry, he has worked for a number of Cable companies, including Comcast, where I found him to be an honest agent, who would listen to resident concerns, unlike the Comcast negotiators.
    In your careers, have any of you ever changed jobs?

    Dave Israel


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