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Sunday, June 4, 2017


Like many others here, I receive Dave Israel's update e-mails on what is going on in the Village. Dave calls these reports Information Forward Initiatives. (Talk about "Armyspeak," that's a mouthful for you!) One of the things I look forward to the most is Donald Foster's weekly CAM report. It's concise and right up to date on the progress of things big and small needing repair and maintenance in CV. The photos with notes are a big help, too. (Don't change a thing, Donald.) It's amazing how much work is going on right under our noses, and with our CAM's reports we get the straight skinny, not pool and bus rider guesswork. THANK YOU, DONALD.

One of Donald's photos showed one of our new buses with Bob Rivera's colorful Century Village sign on it. I saw the same bus "live" parked outside the Clubhouse on Friday. It is BEAUTIFUL. I love the tropical scene and the script printing. (Some would have preferred one of the block printing choices, I'm told, but I like the script.) What a professional job. THANK YOU, BOB, and I hope you are doing better in the hospital. You have been and are still going through some ordeal. Why don't you send Bob a card, guys—the address is Kingston Hospital, 396 Broadway, Kingston, NY 12401. 

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