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Wednesday, June 21, 2017


I have just finished proofreading George Franklin's safety article for the August issue of the Reporter. (Yes, I know it isn't even July. We're that far ahead on some things, though!)

I am just so struck by George's care for the people of this Village. What a service he has rendered us in his columns and articles alone. His particular concern is for the more elderly among us. He doesn't want you to be cheated or hurt, your car stolen or your apartment burglarized. His columns invariably begin with "Hi folks" and end with "Be safe out there." You can tell he loves us and wants us to be well and safe. When we need a little chiding, he gives us a little chiding. George is a former law enforcement officer—with a great heart, I should say.

George's August column is about carjacking for one thing. Carjacking can be a brutal crime, and you can be hurt, not to mention have your car stolen.

Thank you, George, for all you have done and do for this Village.

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  1. George is one of the best assets to our community.


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