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Monday, July 31, 2017


It is commonplace for committees and clubs to ask meeting attendees to "sign in." Often the committee or club members sign in in one place and visitors in another. What is unusual about the Cornishes incident is the insistence of the Messenger Club president they sign in when they declined to do so. I've never heard of that happening before. What would be not at all out of the ordinary would be for an attendee not signing in to be simply overlooked. No one normally makes a big deal about a non-member failing to sign in. But in this case Mr. Grossman apparently did make a big deal out of it. Enough to insist the Cornishes be thrown out of the meeting (Okay, not literally thrown out, but TOLD TO LEAVE!)

I can't help but wonder from this if something fishy was going on. It will be denied, I am sure, but it would be only a small step from using an attendance sign-in sheet to gather signatures for a petition—and wouldn't you know, garnering enough signatures for a rash of petitions for the Advisory Committee to consider was just then very high on the Messenger Club agenda.

I doubt very much that the Cornishes went to the Messenger Club meeting in order to cause trouble as Neil Moore suggests in his July 30 Messenger Club blog post. On the contrary, I have found Frank & Barbara to be among the most open people in the Village. Furthermore, they have served this Village selflessly for many years. I expect they sincerely attended to listen to "the other side."


  1. Hi Lanny,
    Easy enough to check, just compare the petition signatures to the meeting sign in sheets.
    Dave Israel

  2. I would be glad to tell Mr. Grossman, the people that did not sign in. As for Mr. Neil Moore, not a owner here has a lot to say. I went there with good intentions regardless of what Mr. Moore thinks.
    Ask Olga, Esther or Myron, I am sure they might tell you the truth. I went to explain about the bylaw they gave to the advisory committee. Mr. Grossman came over as stated in the Reporter, and asked us to sign in. I did say that I know not everyone signed in. Mr. Grossman said immediately that if we don't sign in we will be removed. He then proceed to tell other people who do they think they are. He then called Eva and she in return call us and told us to leave because this is Mr. Grossmans meeting and these are his rules. You can NOT discriminate againist some people to sign in and not others. I just wish you would apply all the rules to all the people, why just check on us? I have nothing against the messenger club when they Are trying to do good for the village. There were a few members that told Mr. Grossman not to make such a BIG deal. But he was definitely gunning for us. I have been to other meetings were I never had to sign in. Thank You Lanny for the kind words.

  3. Fortunately Barbara, Grossman and his small band of misfits are an insignificant annoyance at this point in the game. Its probably not worth your time to bother with even listening to them, but I admire yours and Frank's efforts to do so.


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