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Monday, October 18, 2010


In Tamarac, corruption lives in backyard

Dear CV Condo Owners:
Amendment 4 has nothing to do with party line or what others recommend. It's your decision -- and your decision alone. We all know full well that we are unable to stop commissioners from voting in favor of changing the comprehensive land use plan -- if the developers put enough money in their campaign account or in the doggie bag at lunch.
It so happened in Tamarac -- and even if you can later prove that the commission vote was rigged, the damage is done and the high-rise is being built on the former golf curse next to you!
Wave bye-bye to your nice neighborhood and your property values.
This can happen to all of us if we don't vote YES ON AMENDMENT 4. Don't believe all the lies and misleading statements you hear from the paid mouthpieces of the backroom fat cats -- also known as developers. All their claims lack facts -- they just don't want us to have a vote on decisions regarding changes to our neighborhood. They don't want us to have a seat at the table, so they can continue their backroom dealings and pay off willing commissioners.
This is what happened to the folks in Tamarac, who complained to the commission without success. One commissioner is in jail, but the damage is done. And it can easily happen to you!

"Erstwhile golf course homes now border an unkempt scrubland with white plastic sewer connections jutting out of the weeds. "Now we have half a construction site and half a swamp,'' says Chris (who didn't want his last name published), Cole's neighbor. "We used to spend all our time outside. Now we never go out. It drives us crazy.''

Barbara Cole figures her house, once worth nearly $300,000, might bring $78,000. Another neighbor offers a similar lament. "This has ruined my retirement,'' he says.
An investment company bought the Chaits property last week. But most of the homeowners along the remnants of the golf courses know they've got months, maybe years more with an unobstructed view of corruption."
I can assure you, all the folks who now tell you to Vote No on 4 will be nowhere to be seen once it happens to you or your neighborhood. All you have to do if Amendment 4 passes is voting at the next upcoming election (no special election) on the change of plans, approved by the regular entities -- just as it's done now. Only in the end you have the right to vote down the amended plan that would change your neighborhood -- if you don't like it. We property owners pay for most of the cost of the new development, don't we deserve a vote in destroying our neighborhood?



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