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Monday, October 18, 2010

Sherry Lee at Clubhouse Tuesday

This Tuesday morning candidate Sherry Lee, for County Commission , District 2, will be speaking at the West Palm Beach Century Village Clubhouse in Classroom C.

All are welcome to attend and hear Sherry speak about her goals as our Century Village Commissioner. If you are concerned about the local taxes, quality of life, etc. in our community come to ask your questions and to hear her speak.

Sherry Lee’s goals as presented on her web site are:

As your county commissioner, I will work to ….
Lower your taxes so you keep more of your money
Reduce wasteful government spending and regulation
Help small businesses create new jobs
Strengthen and expand our new ethics rules
Make Palm Beach County an affordable place to live, do business and take pride in again

From Barbara Samuells


  1. I have received 2 robo calls from her --10 am is time on the recorded message

  2. I went to vote this morning at the Okee Library... Unfortunately, it was a "trying" experience: machines didn't work, staff were "training" each other, long time standing in line. Where are the "touch-screen" machines which were so easy to use? Well, can't complain: I did VOTE.

  3. Look at the websites for yourselves.
    Lee signed on as a candidate 44 minutes before the June ballot deadline.
    Burdick has been to most of our Delegate meetings this year and stays to discuss all issues with us every month.

  4. Anyone aligned with Glen Beck and his 912 nonsense is not for me. I have yet to hear any of these people say "get rid of all Corporate, Union, and special interest money in elections", until they do, they are not serious about reform . This is not to saying any of the other politicians are better. None of them have the best interest of the voter at heart. :(
    Vote Yes on AMENDMENT #4.

  5. I have received four calls from
    Sherry Lee (telling me she is
    my neighbor.....HELLO). Sorry
    Sherry but Burdick is getting
    my vote.


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