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Friday, October 29, 2010

A Big Lemon For Comcast

I would like to throw a whole lemon tree at Comcast. I have no phone service nor Internet. I am in the cloubhouse on WIFI. I don't know if we are on Comcast here but if so then it is a business account. I was just told there was a problem in my area. It seems there are also lucky subscribers in my area, whatever that means. When this is over I will ask for a credit and investigate going back to a real phone service. Comcast phone is no bargain.


  1. Hi all,
    When Comcast was signing up our unit owners in the Clubhouse, they were marketing High Speed INTERNET and VoIP digital telephony.

    I warned everyone who would listen, that INTERNET VoIP is not as reliable as Plain Old Telephone System (POTS).

    POTS is called a "five nines" system which means it is reliable 99.999% of the time. NO digital VoIP system can claim such numbers.

    If you want a virtual assurance that you will have telephone service when you need it, go POTS landline.

    In our demographic this link is critical.

    Dave Israel

  2. David:

    I clearly remember the day we
    were at CV theater and you were
    giving all the info about Comcast
    TV and before you went on stage
    to speak you were walking around
    and telling everyone to:

  3. Well again thanks to Bob Marshall. He Emailed Comcast for me and the repairmen, 2, were at my door within the hour. It seems it was a rebooting problem. Work was done over the network and my equipment did not reboot itself. This morning again the Internet went out and I had to pull the plug and take out the battery to reboot and get the internet working again. I am seriously considering going back to AT&T for phone if I can get a decent rate for long distance. Thanks again Bob.

  4. WOW!!!!!!! Thanks Grace , I was scheduled to swich over my phone & internet service on 11/3. I will be calling them to cancel and stick with AT&T. Mike

  5. Just cancelled my order for phone and internet, told them people were having problems with that service in CV. She said they knew about it and were in the process of shifting over things. Whatever that mean??? Thanks Again Grace. Mike

  6. I totally agree with not having Comcast as your phone provider. A few of my neighbors switched to Comcast because it was very reasonable and switched back to AT & T. I warned them in the beginning. I am all for technology but it ends with the phone. If your cable goes out, so does everything else.

  7. I think it's often a good idea with things like this to not put all your eggs in one basket.


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