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Saturday, October 23, 2010



With all the money that ESPN is getting from Century Village I would like to
know why we cannot get ESPNU. Today I wanted to watch my UCONN team but could
not because it was on ESPNU. Two weeks ago all the GATOR fans could not watch
the game because again it was on ESPNU. My son in Connecticut gets to watch
all these games because he gets ESPNU. WHY CAN'T WE GET IT. I will tell you
one thing and that is when MARCH MADNESS starts it better not be on ESPNU because
I know that Mike and I will raise holy hell to say the least. I may be a female
but I am a BIG....BIG....SPORTS FAN WHEN IT COME TO MY TEAMS. I would like an
answer about ESPNU and don't tell me that if I want that channel I HAVE TO PAY



  1. Hi Nut,
    Your desire to have this package included should have been mentioned in discussion prior to the Delegates approving the Comcast contract, which as you are well aware, runs for ten years.
    I sympathize with your position, but I do not believe that Comcast would look favorably on providing services which may be above and beyond the provisions of the contract. It is no longer in the hands of the Board of Directors or the President of UCO to change a contract which we paid an independent firm to negotiate on our behalf.

  2. We are not the only community being underserved by our cable company. Google Cablevision Fox and see how a New York cable company and a major network are messing with its audience up North. (BTW, The Palm Beach Post is owned by a cable company, so you will hardly read about that in the paper.)

  3. Nut, Have no fear March madness will be on. If it's not the fans will burn Comcast Hdqts in Phila. to the ground.

  4. I couldn't care less abouot ESPN sports but I DO want HBO. It just goes to show that we are a diversified community that cannot please all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time!

  5. Hi Grace,
    Got the meaning, but the quote may need a little tweaking. Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!

  6. Hi all,

    The following comment is copied from this comment stream:

    "We are not the only community being underserved by our cable company."

    Interesting in light of the fact that we are paying less than half what those who are outside the Village are paying for exactly the same channel loading.

    If you as an individual want some premium package or other, suscribe for it and pay for it!

    Don't expect a Cadillac for Chevy money.

    Dave Israel

  7. Hi all,

    You may fine the following INTERNET solution workable for Mad Marchness:

    Dave Israel

  8. Hi Dave,
    Excellent solution and free is good. What is required in order to convert a computer signal to adapt to the television? There are many movies available on the internet, and also I may be interested in Netflick for $9.00 per month. Watching them on the television screen would be much more comfortable for me. TIA

  9. David:

    I am not interested in watching
    MAD MARCHNESS on Demand. You have
    just made my day because I now
    know that I will be able to watch
    MARCH MADNESS for free on CBS.
    Mad Marchness for some reason does
    not mention the Women College
    Basketball at all. For the past
    two years the UCONN Womens College
    Basketball team has a record of
    78 wins....0 losses and I am
    praying that they will continue
    on their remarkable record.

  10. Hi Randall,
    October 24, 2010 11:18 AM,

    There are a number of solutions involving stringing various types of cable; RCA, S video, VGA, HDMI....Etc.

    I do not recommend any of these, The way to go is wireless. You need a Transmitter at the Computer and a Receiver at the TV, whereupon the signal is transmitted by RF.

    There are any number of these gizmos to be found on the INTERNET, or perhaps a trip to a COMPUSA or Radio Shack may prove useful.

    Dave Israel

  11. I assume you have been reading how Cablevision has denied Fox programming to even Internet users in their area (if you have not, visit this link:

    And I assume you read about the death of Net Neutrality, the principle that access to all Internet sites is created equal (or you can read this:

    In any case, it looks like we are not going to have free Internet any more. Oh, sure, we pay around 50 bucks a month to get it, but we are going to pay extra if we want to watch last night's "Desperate Housewives" or read today's "New York Times."

  12. Hi Booker,
    October 25, 2010 1:30 PM,

    All speculative nonesense, concocted to fan concerns over nothing.

    We here in CV have an excellent mix of programming at a very attractive price.

    The tabloid nonesense you reference is no threat to us because of our long term contract..

    BTW, where, since ARPANET, has the INTERNET been free?

    Dave Israel

  13. I was referring to free access to TV shows on sites ala Hulu.

    And another thing: Those cable boxes mess up the TV! We cannot adjust the sound on tapes with the supplied remote; we cannot tape one show and watch another with the box; if we mute the TV with the box and forget, we are flummoxed on the not tell me new, improved boxes that do not interfere with TV enjoyment are extra!

  14. Hi Booker,
    October 26, 2010 7:00 PM,

    Whine! Whine! Whine!!

    I have no problem accessing free content (movies); and more on the INTERNET.

    My box work fine with all peripheral equipment, recorders, computers, RF routers..Etc. simply set it up correctly.

    Dave Israel


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