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Monday, November 15, 2010


Hi all,
There has been some question as to the beautiful landscaping on the path to Hastings Clubhouse. Specifically, as to who owns the property that the bridge spans and that just North of the canal spanned by the bridge. Well, Elaine and I have resolved all such questions under the project name "Midnight Mapper"! The following scan in will provide graphic evidence of the dispositive result:

The picture at the top of the scan in shows a red box which includes the bridge over the canal. this 30 foot wide strip goes East to Haverhill Road and as you can see above belongs to Winky Utilities, nee Century Utilities, Inc. (Obviously belonging, by route circuitous to Mark Levy) This is a drainage right of way.
Note now in the text portion below the photo the following statement, I will translate the abbreviations:

"drainage right of way lying South of and adjacent to 12th. Street Extension"

Mystery solved, if 12th. Street had indeed been extended West of Haverhill, this is the strip of land it was planned for. Hence, this piece belongs to Palm Beach county. I suspect that neither Mr. Levy nor Palm Beach County will object to the beautification effort!
Dave Israel

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