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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Its Puss Caterpillar Season

Known as Puss, asp, woolly slug, various names but the most poisonous in the USA ! do not touch, there are spines of venom under the fur. How cute and only 1” long. When touched, these poisonous spines break off in the skin and cause severe pain. Most often found on oaks and citrus. In Florida there are two generations a year, one in spring and the other in fall. Some people experience severe reactions to the poison released by the spines and require medical attention. Others experience only an itching or burning sensation.

On the other hand, the golden-silk spider is harmless (to you), including legs it is as big as the palm of your hand. They are gentle and tremendously beneficial because of all the insect pests that they eat.

My photos, yes these critters live right here
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  1. Hi Elaine,

    Perhaps the spider could be trained to eat the Spiny Puss beast!

    The presence of these vile creatures provides ample evidence that we should all remain sequestered in air conditioned cubes, always armed with a can of Raid!!

    Dave Israel


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