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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Alligator Sample Signs

How do you know when they are aggressive. You might be history before you have figured out the sign.
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  1. "fed alligators....." does that mean alligators that have been given food or does it mean Federal alligators become aggressive?

  2. Alligators should never be fed nor the wild animals and birds that live in our village. They become depended on us.
    As far as the alligators, they become more brave and aggressive when they are fed by us. They will always come back for more. This what makes them very dangerous.
    Our neighbor and good friend was fishing along the lake. He didn't know that there was an alligator following him. When he caught the fish, the alligator jumped up and grabbed it. Of course, he cut the line right away and let him have it. This shows how smart they the gator are.

  3. If these parents are so inattentive of their rug rats , let the gators have a good meal.

  4. Mike, as usual, your humor
    is appreciated..however,
    you do make a point..
    It's the host's obligation
    to inform their guests of
    potential danger..period..
    I've on several occasions
    as late as yesterday, viewed a healthy specimen,
    awaiting it's next meal.
    ..perhaps my OMG expression
    made is disappear in a flash(Lake Chatham is my
    back yard) It re-appeared
    minutes later,further out,
    distinquishable by it's
    eyes & snout..It's rather
    fascinating,from a respect-
    able distance.


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