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Friday, January 7, 2011


The following appreared in the Online version of The Condo News.

By: Chelle Konyk, Esq.
QUESTION: Why can we not get all of the channels we used to receive from our Cable TV Provider, Comcast? We have been told there is a switch to Digital programming – but we are not sure what that means?
ANSWER: Comcast is in the process of "migrating" channels from analog to digital, which means that cable customers will soon have to have a "box" on every TV to view all of the cable TV programming that may be included with your homeowner association dues. The reason Comcast is migrating the channels is to be able to offer more High Definition channels.
Many Associations are in the process of renegotiating its existing bulk Comcast contract to provide each resident a solution. If your Association has not renegotiated, the equipment is available on a retail basis.
To understand what you will need when the Analog to Digital migration is completed, you first need to understand the equipment Comcast offers and its retail pricing. While the retail pricing may be different in the market where you live, this will still provide an explanation of the equipment. Comcast charges a fee for each receiver and an additional fee for High Definition service (HD) and Digital Video Recording service (DVR). Comcast offers four types of equipment with different pricing:
• Digital Transport Adapter (DTA) at a retail cost of $1.99 per month

o The DTA will provide access to Limited Basic, Expanded Basic, and Digital Starter Service. You will not have access to Music channels, Video on Demand, the interactive program guide, or premium channels that you may subscribe to on a retail basis on a TV that has only a DTA.
 Digital Standard Receiver at a retail cost of $6.95 per month

o The Digital Standard Receiver will provide access to all channels in addition to access to Music channels, Video on Demand, the interactive program guide, and all premium channels for which you subscribe.

• HD Digital Receiver with HD Service at a retail cost of:

o $6.95 for the receiver and $7.95 for HD Service.

o This will provide access to everything a Digital Standard Receiver provides in addition to the ability to view programs in High Definition, a better quality picture available if you also own a High Definition TV.

• HD-DVR Digital Receiver at a retail cost of:

o $6.95 for the receiver and $15.95 for the High Definition Recorder Service

This will provide access to everything the HD Digital Receiver provides, with the ability to record programs.
Each subscriber will receive a letter from Comcast advising when the Analog to Digital conversion will be completed. Until then you can continue to enjoy the programming you presently receive without the need for additional equipment.
Reproduced with permission of the author.

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  1. Good information Dave. I am looking at the Comcast bill I just received for 1/1 thru 1/31. I am being charged $8.50 for HDTV Service and another $8.50 for additional outlet Svc. Digital Converter. (one new tv and one old tv).
    Also, I notice my internet fee went to $44.95, but I do remember receiving a letter about that fee going up.
    Such is life.


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