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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Celfones in the Village: The Secret!

Ever wonder how you are allowed to use a cellphone to make phone calls in your Century Village unit instead of a landline, even to call guests in? Here comes the science: According to this article (click here), all cellphones have a digital fingerprint. Our security can trace this print to see if the phone was used within the village or outside. If the latter, beware the repercussions!


  1. I skim-read the article, and I'm sure you are right about the "fingerprint," Booker. But are you sure it is a fact our CV security has gone to the expense and trouble to acquire the means to do this tracing? Not to mention decided to fly in the face of the possible disapprobation for invasion of privacy?

  2. Lanny: Please don't use such big words (disapprobation) at least before 12 noon. PC

  3. Hi all,

    Back up the truck, all Cellphones manufactured in the USA have in fact a GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) chip, which does allow AUTHORISED personell, such as Law Enforcement (911 Dispatch) and Government to geolocate the Cellphone to within a few meters. Before the GPS chip, Cellphones could be located only by cell-tower triangulation which was very inaccurate and often, 911 calls via Cellphone would be rejected due to lack of accurate location information.

    Our Call-in system has no such equipment or capability and thus our security can not and does not do such analysis!

    Dave Israel

  4. Using a cell phone outside your apartment is required sometimes...
    Like if your children are coming in and you accidentally get delayed at a doctors visit or worse an accident, you should be able to call them in Maybe you are out and a friend calls and says they are on there way to meet you at your apartment..Why not be able to call them in. No matter what the owner is responsible for what they do. If you let someone in to use your apartment and they have a wild party I am sure your building will revoke the cell phone privelege. We are adults and we should make responsible decisions.

    I for one think we should be able to register a land line and a cell phone..Why not!

  5. With today's economy it probably
    is difficult for some to have
    both a land line and a cell phone
    and a lot of people I know only
    have a cell phone. I will admit
    that I have a few neighbors who
    do not have land line and I call
    the gate for them and their
    guest give my address.

  6. Hi Barbara,
    January 26, 2011 7:32 PM,

    We are testing this re-configuration, right now.

    If there are no glitches, any unit owner will indeed be able to register two numbers in the Call-in system.

    Dave Israel

  7. David:

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    definitely force you to change
    the little sleep you get.
    With your busy schedule take
    better care of yourself and get
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