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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lift For Camden N Associaation

New Lift for Camden N Association

Camden N is considering installing a lift for the residents that are having difficulties walking up to the second level.

I would appreciate any input you can provide if you installed a lift in your building, such as?:

Did you have a plan how to proceed with this process.
Is it considered a common element.
How your building Insurance was affected.
What additional cost was added to your annual budget.
The cost if you are willing to share that information.
Can you recommend a company to use.
Any problems you encountered with the install, and the concerns of residents who were not willing to partcipate.

Would you be willing to meet with me and another board member who is assigned to this project, to discuss what you did and what problems you encountered during the process.

My name is Ray, phone # is 401-258-7692

Thank you


  1. Hi Ray,

    Please call UCO and make an appointment with VP Phyllis Richland.

    She can answer all of your questions and more.

    Dave Israel

  2. hi,ray, please call me at the uco office today,wednesday, and i will make an appointment with you and whoever else you want to discuss a lift for your building. 683-9189. have a great day!!


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