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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Keeping Warm

Some villagers are dealing with the cold by buying more appliances. If you have an electric radiator, electric 'fireplace', range, oven, large microwave, dishwasher, then fuses blow at dinner time. What is the overall condo problem with this? Is there a number of appliances that should not be exceeded. Watt amps would be OK? Is it time to upgrade wires and breakers?


  1. Hi Elaine,

    Check the Circuit breaker box, each circuit has a breaker of a certain rating, 15Amp, 20Amp, 30Amp....50Amp

    Lighting outlets will be routed through the lower Amperage circuits, Your electric range through a ganged 50Amp circuit (100Amp total).

    The management trick is simple; don't put to many appliances on one circuit!

    If you exceed the Ampacity of a given circuit, the associated breaker will trip.

    EG: don't try to run the toaster oven (1500Watt/12.5Amp) and the heavy microwave (1200Watt/12.5Amp) on the same 15Amp kitchen circuit, the breaker will trip.

    Move one of these appliances to another circuit.

    Dave Israel

  2. Dave, we are happy you are well enough to give advice on the blog. You were missed at the luncheon yesterday, and you are missed whenever you are not present. Get well.

  3. Thx Dave, For the residents who have circuits like a plate of spaghetti I shall suggest ECM make a clearer diagram of what is connected to which circuit for them (they cannot). Personally I am warm enuf with extra layers of Polartec fleece and central heat.

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  5. When I moved in to my apartment, I checked the diagram in the circuit breaker panel to find out which breakers were for which outlets. I found that almost all were labeled wrong. One by one, I checked all the outlets and made up a new, correct diagram. I would recommend this to any new owner. It can help to have two people do this—one at the breaker panel and one checking each outlet (or appliance plugged into the outlet).

  6. We found most of the 1971 wiring and breakers in CV are not up to 2011 consumer (or appliance) needs. Way too many breakers on long daisy chains (which was the cheap way to build in 71) in apts. We needed new wiring and breakers in our boxes.

  7. You just have to use common sense in using your appliances. Don't use any heating elements at the same time. Your dryer, iron, toaster or any new appliances that take up more juice. Don't forget here in Century Village we have aluminum wiring which was a cheaper way of wiring years ago. Now it is not allowed to be used in new developments. It was posted in the UCCO newspaper about wire maintenance which is absolutely necessary with old wiring.


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