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Saturday, January 15, 2011

First-time Cable Box

If a new resident moves into a long time empty unit, can they get the main cable box installed by Comcast at no charge? They will probably arrive in February, DTA boxes same question? TIA.


  1. The answer is NO! In my building
    in one of the units that was for
    sale the buyer is renting it and
    I had to take them to Comcast to
    get the black cable box and in
    order to have it installed by
    a tech it will cost $35.00.
    I installed it by talking to
    Comcast on the phone and following

  2. Hi all,
    As was the case during the first rollout, If you are not here for the Clubhouse event You cannot get the box and the installation free!

    EXCEPT, A Board member, or for that matter any other unit owner in the building with access to the empty unit, may, with readable copies of the absent unit owner photo ID (License or other Official ID + copy of CV ID)and a short note of the following format:

    "This authorises John Doe to sign for my Cable Box; signed absent unit owner."

    Then, at the appointed day, the surrogate mut be present to admit the tech. to the unit, to install the box.

    The alternative approach is the absent unit owner, upon return to CV, may go to 1400 North Point Blvd. and pick up the box.

    Dave Israel

  3. David:

    What you are saying is just about
    impossible. It is as you post:
    CFP+D = ??? At Greenbrier do
    you have all the info of a
    absent unit owner??? If so you
    should run in 2012 as President
    of the USA.


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