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Sunday, January 16, 2011


Shopwell is not a defunct grocery store chain in the tri-state area. It is a web site that specializes in delivery of food, especially if it is nutritious. You can program the site to your nutritional goals, or you can order junk food. If you're a shut-in and you have a credit card, this is your sustenance! Remember the name:! Also available as an iPhone app!


  1. am I missing something? don't see anywhere on anything about delivery? It just is an aid in selecting foods to fit your specific nutrional profile----if there's a delivery section, please let me know where. Thanks/

  2. If this is a food vendor, where are the prices & estimated delivery costs? Here's a site that delivers food:
    Cut & paste this address in your browzer.

  3. Also online Just like Alice handled all the shopping for the Brady Bunch, you can count on Alice to pick up most of your household necessities, saving you time and money.


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