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Friday, January 21, 2011

maintenance check list?

I am hunting for that 2 page UCO maintenance list to use in my efforts to get our assn up to date ---I read about it in several issues of reporter ---am working on getting our assn to do the in unit water inspection $5 a unit/ - and we are going to get the outside water shut off valves installed soon---thanks ---eager to get going while all our snowbirds are here!
also has anyone had the electrical inspection done?


  1. Dom Guarnagia tells me Checklist is available at UCO. He also generally has them at his monthly Maintenance meetings (usually 10:00 a.m. Clubhouse, Classroom A, second Friday of month). If you can't get Checklist at UCO for some reason, let me know (640-7708).

    My personal opinion is that an additional OUTSIDE water shutoff doesn't makes much sense, plus it is expensive. Have you been to one of Dom's Maint. meetings? You could get all kinds of questions answered there.

  2. thanks Lanny ---the residents voted last year to do the shut off valves - which in this instance may be worth the money as we have many who go away for extended periods and don't shut off water --we just consider ourselves lucky so far - but indeed two wks ago - water, water everywhere at 5:30 a/m for a renter. Final decision/contract reveiw for us monday ----I will get myself to UCO for that checklist. I am always gung ho on prevention-and am amazed (ok I have not been here but 2yrs) that others are not. Immediately I got new a/c, water heater and appliances as I knew the originals would not be faithful much longer.

  3. I just had my entire building inspected-plumbimg and electrical. Got a written report on each apartment and each owner got one as well. Well worth the time and money.


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