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Friday, January 21, 2011


I think many other Snow Birds will join in my frustration at the time time it takes to enter C.V. Why can't transponders similar to "Sun Pass" that can affix to our windshields on our rented vehicles be made available to those who desire such technology.
I know it has been said that portable transponders present a risk that "outsiders" will be given them by C.V. residents to bypass security. Hopefully, it is realized that the same folks with transponders installed in their vehicles can lend their vehicle to "outsiders" and accomplish the same goal of bypassing security.
I believe this is an "enforcement" problem and not an "issuing" problem. Just as the cost of the installation of the permanent transponder is borne by the resident, so too could the cost of the "portable" transponder" be borne by those who can decide the cost of such a device outweighs the inconvenience of waiting to enter the development. If misuse is determined, the transponder can easily be suspended, revoked or removed from the person committing the transgression.
Given the state of number of vacancies within C.V., I believe such common sense measures can provide one very small step in making C.V. more attractive to current and potential residents.


  1. Hi all,

    I hope this is not a serious request, the following extract may prove instructive:


    "The speed limit in the SunPass lanes in the retrofitted toll plazas will be 55 mph compared with 25 mph in the old SunPass lanes. Turnpike officials say the 55-mph speed limit is less than the full highway speed limit of 65 mph for safety reasons."

    Have you any idea what it would cost to upgrade our gate control system to allow for such speeds.

    If everyone follows the posted instructions and does not tailgate, the transponder lane works fine, a vehicle can readily pass in about 5 seconds; or some 700 vehicles per hour.

    Dave Israel

  2. Dave, this snow bird is frustrated because they rent a car while they are here, I think, if I have read correctly, that presents a problem of a transponder that can be removed and placed on another of the owner's vehicle's. If a person is here each year with a rental car then each year they would have to get a new transponder and pay for it or wait in sometimes a long line of cars. My sun pass stays in the glove compartment until I need it as I have had one stolen out of my car.

  3. Hi Grace,
    January 22, 2011 8:13 AM,

    This is an excellent question, and
    I have a thought as to a solution.

    Instead of attaching the transponder strip to the windshield, rather attach it to some other small portable object, say a small clipboard.

    In season, place it on the dashboard when in use, and hide it when parked.

    This would approximate the Sunpass approach and the strip could be re-used every season.

    Yes, this portability can be abused, but I suspect the risk is small compared to the convenience benefit.

    UCO will look into this approach.

    Dave Israel

  4. While I mentioned Sun Pass, I did not mean to have a Sun Pass type system installed here at CV. The transponder gate as it is presently functioning is fine and we don't need anyone racing through the gate.

    I am asking whether there is a portable application that does not require permanent installation in a vehicle. For example, many companies have GPS systems to monitor the activity of their fleet of vehicles. Some systems are hard wired like our transponders, others are simply placed in the vehicle and are portable.

    I am trying to make a determination if the same technology used to open the gate in the transponders that are permanently installed in a vehicle is/can be available in a portable device so we can put in or out of our vehicles as we wish.

    If I can learn the contact information for the provider/manufacturer of our current, permanently installed transponders, I can check to see if they can provide a version that does not require permanent installation.

  5. Hi ejs2283,
    January 22, 2011 8:58 AM,

    Perhaps you did not see my comment posted at 8:34am.

    UCO will indeed look into a portable solution. If not the little clipboard, perhaps a plastic card on a short cord with a suction cup at one end to hang it on the windshield when in use.

    This is not a technical issue, but rather one of policy, which should be re-examined in cases like yours.

    Dave Israel

  6. Thanks, Dave. I know change can be difficult here at C.V. But, I believe the benefit outweighs the potential risk for abuse.


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