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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Hi all,
UCO has formed an advisory group called "The Presidents Council". It is not strictly for Presidents, but also for Board members and interested Residents.

The Council is advisory in nature and oriented toward problem solving. It will be Co-Chaired by our Licensed Community Association Manager (LCAM) Rodger Carver and UCO VP Phyllis Richland .

This UCO sponsored event will meet monthly, the first meeting is scheduled as follows:

DATE: February 09, 2011

DAY: Wednesday

TIME: 10:00

PLACE: Clubhouse Party Room

Dave Israel
United Civic Organization


  1. Very good initiative David and I hope many Snowbirds will participate as they are not eligible to being elected to any other UCO function.
    Is there a registration process or you just show up? Andre

  2. Hi Andre,
    January 19, 2011 1:46 PM,

    Just show up, and welcome.

    Dave Israel

  3. I'm very glad to see this group, I went to something similar years ago, there were solitary Presidents, lonely Treasurers, and suffering Stuckees, but we found we were not alone and the exchange of practical useful info was invaluable and reassuring.

  4. Hi, Everyone, I hope this new venture will give the newbies a chance to air their concerns. Advice from veterans and those in the trenches can be very helpful. Sharing solutions is what this is all about. we are not reccomending vendors,etc.just trying to give folks a comfort zone to speak in. I look forward to seeing many of you on the 9th of February.


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