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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Hi all,
We are trying something new, namely publishing The Village Report here on the BLOG.
You may view this first Cyberspace version by clicking on the following URL:

See also in the sidebar. "The Village Report"

Please let us know in the comment stream if you like this format and if so we will continue to publish future shows.

Of course, the Village Report may be seen on Channel 63.

Thanks to our Channel 63 Team for the Video Production.
Dave Israel


  1. David:

    My years in knowing you go back to
    the days when you published an
    excellent puzzle every week on the
    old CV blog and that is how I got
    the name The Nutmegger. I have
    emailed you dozens of time for
    whatever problems I encountered
    and you have always answered me
    and I want to thank you for all
    the help and assistance given to me.

    Thanks Again
    The Nutmegger

  2. Dave, another great idea to have the interviews on the blog. I have watched a few on channel 63 but gave up because the sound and camera were so technically bad. One cannot complain about either. I think you will reach more people, the ones who do not watch channel 63. Thanks. I enjoyed the interview.

  3. It is a very good idea, I think, and thanks. Ed has done great things with Channel 63 (frankly, I don't know how he does it AND is treasurer), but this will let us see interviews through either medium. Those who watch the blog may be fewer in number than those who watch the TV and channel 63, and to be honest I would rather watch something on TV than on my computer, but on the blog you can see a given interview AT ANY TIME. For example, if I should want to see how Dom Guarnagia explained a point re maintenance in an old interview by David Saxon, I guess I can now just find it on the blog!


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