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Thursday, February 10, 2011


Hi all,
Many questions on the BLOG come down to a matter of local code. Let's look at the question of stuff  on Catwalks. When searching for anything in Cyberspace, the most critical component, is knowing what to ask and how to ask it.
This takes a bit of thought and a lot of experience. Do you think there is anything in any code with the phrase "stuff on catwalks"? Don't waste your time.
What code should you search, what should you look for? Here is a site that all of you Local Code researchers will love:

place a link to this site on your desktop and learn to navigate it.

So, how can a fire inspector tell you to remove Welcome Mats, Plants, Chairs or, anything else from your catwalk; it's simple, they take a snippet of Code, and exercise virtually infinite discretion:

Here is an example of such a snippet, from the reference above:

"Sec. 7-314. Obstructing exits.

Security methods shall not create a hazard to life by obstructing any means of egress or any opening which is classified as an emergency exiting facility. Security provisions shall not supersede the safety requirements relative to latching or locking devices on exit doors which would be contrary to the provisions of Chapter 11 of theStandard Building Code and the Life Safety Code, N.F.P.A. 101.

(Ord. No. 87-26, § 5(3), 10-27-87)"

Of course, your Welcome mat, plant, chair...Etc! is NOT a "Security Method"
But that will not stop a overzealous inspector, so, when you get a violation, demand the code site and check it out.

Now, I will treat you all to one that will curl your hair, from the same reference:

"Sec. 7-327. Parking identification.

Assigned parking spaces shall not be identified to coincide with room number, name, or unit address.

(Ord. No. 87-26, § 5(17), 10-27-87)"

Guess what, we are all in violation of that one, welcome to the world of Local Codes"

Dave Israel

PS: What was the magic search term on the catwalk item, "egress"!!


  1. How does one find out what the
    original parking spaces were
    assigned to the 1st Unit Owners
    who was the first owner to move
    to Century Village?

  2. Hi Nut,
    February 10, 2011 8:02 PM,

    If you look at your survey, you will note that the spaces have no numbers on them, the parking spaces are simply labeled "Parking Street"; these spaces are Limited Common Elements and are not deeded.

    Every Unit owner is entitled to one but not any particular one!

    The only way you could know the original assignment to the first owner of a unit would be to recover the first owners purchase documents where the number would appear. Some buildings may have charted the locations.

    As to your second question, if I understand you correctly, you want to know the very first unit owner to move into the Village; that would be an incredible bit of research work in the Public Record, it would be best perhaps to ask H.I. Levy, he may have such sales records.

    Dave Israel

  3. David:

    I was just curious as to what it
    was back in the early 70's
    compared to now.

  4. Hi all,
    Just one point, obviously, the initial selections were made by the Developer, they were painted on in the final phase of construction.

    So, no special document was required, when you purchased a unit, and you arrived to take occupancy, you simply parked in the numbered spot that equated to your Apartment number.

    Dave Israel

  5. Our building does not have apartment numbers listed but only random numbers on the parking spaces. Aside from it not being legal it is foolish to assign parking spots by apartment numbers. That way anyone knows that you are away. Not very smart.


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