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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mean Golden Girls

Here is an article about seniors who bully each other. I should emphasize that this takes place in another community — not ours. Don't give Cerabino food for fodder; if there's a case of arrested development by nasty people in CV, nip it in the bud!


  1. The best part of clicking on your link, Booker, was scrolling down to the Super Granny video and seeing how this one 71-year-old woman beat up on five would-be jewelry store thieves and sent them flying. It's a riot.

  2. The thing is so unbelievable I wonder if it might have been staged by all concerned. Someone was around to record it, of course, but people with cameras are around all the time nowadays. Apparently American TV thought it was the real thing, but still I wonder if it might be proved to be a hoax later on.....

  3. Lanny, Britain has a great granny history, remember Monty Python's Hell's Grannies. This granny was lucky she charged gentlemen thieves who would not swing sledge hammers at an old lady. Downtown Miami would be different I think.

  4. Okay, Elaine, I accede to your knowledge of things British, which things I admire. With the possible exception of Monty Python. My oldest used to watch that on TV and loved it. I could never get into it, although I will say I think John Cleese (sp?) funny, especially his Faulty Towers TV series. You are more my son's generation, so I can understand your liking Python. Cheers!


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