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Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Life In The 20th Century

My Life In The 20th Century from grafficx on Vimeo.

In October of last year there was a buffet in the clubhouse honoring residents of the village that are 100 years or older. They are known as centenarians. At that time I began a project  doing video interviews with a few of the honorees. This is the result of my project. I hope you find their comments as interesting as I have.


  1. Living history, priceless. Thx Ken.

  2. Simply marvelous!

    This work restores my confidence in the fundamental value of people of good will and talent.

    All of the toxic tarts and blowhards who strive to tear this Village apart out of motives of hatred, striving for "power" and pure greed should sit and watch this video and reconsider their life goals.

    Thanks Ken

    Dave Israel

  3. Absolutely Beautiful

    I was completely mesmerized and
    it was so interesting I wanted it
    to go on and on. Ken you did a
    magnificient video and the stories
    they told are a treasure to

  4. Best Picture of Year
    My Life in The 20th Century
    Best Actors of Year
    All Centenarians
    Best Director of the year
    Ken Graff

    Great Job
    Howie Silver

  5. Wonderful, Ken. Keep up the good work. Amen to David.

  6. god bless you,ken. andy greenspan can take lessons from you!
    seeing our "seasoned"citizens in the way you did should make everyone proud to be in a community like this. it was a perfect depiction of life the way it could be. bless you, my friend. it was great!


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