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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Hi All,
At todays Irrigation Committee meeting, among many statements heard, was the following:
1) I have never heard of the Bulk Reclaimed Water Agreement (BRWA)!
2) The Bulk Reclaimed Water Agreement was signed last year!

Both statements are absurd, but it brings up the issue of Transparency and Access to information. The BRWA is available on the Public Record of Palm Beach County and has been there since 2003, when it was signed and filed for record; it is to be found at :  Official Record Book 15769 - Page 0762.

I have this day added a link to the BRWA in the Sidebar of this BLOG under the heading Core Documents.

Do not point a finger of "secrecy" at my Administration, You have NEVER had a more transparent UCO Administration. When unit owners come to UCO and ask for copies of contracts, for example, we do not ask "why do you want it" as did some prior Administrations, my attitude is; we all pay for it in our monthly coupon, so here is your copy!

If there is something you want, ask, if it can be legally provided, it will be.

Finally, if you come to meetings to muckrake, at least try to research the FACTS!

Dave Israel


  1. Dave:

    How can anyone doubt anything
    you post. It is very obvious
    that you are without doubt one
    of the best Prez that CV has
    ever had in office.


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