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Saturday, March 5, 2011

The King's Speech

When will this movie come to the Clubhouse?


  1. Hi Booker,

    No doubt this is a fine movie, but please read the masthead of this BLOG.

    This is not the place to advertise movies, please try to stick to items that at least in some way relate to Century Village.

    Movies are well advertised in local and national newspapers.

    Dave Israel

  2. My apologies. I thought (air quotes) when will it come to the Clubhouse (end air quotes) was (air quotes) in some way relating to Century Village (end air quotes). Just wanted to get Abby psyched for getting this film on the schedule. According to Amazon, the DVD is available.

  3. Most British historical films are fine, but is this history! Most of us of CV age knew King George VI and the Queen. (and believe me, Colin Firth, you are no King George VI). The royal family was our closest support throughout the war.
    I shall stay away from the film so it does not spoil my memories, no matter how much mutual praise and adulation, preening, posturing ad infinitum of the Oscar publicity machine.

  4. Hi all,

    Well, I stand corrected, apparently there is some interest in this particular film, and with good reason!

    I shall run this by Abby.


    Dave Israel

  5. Dear Abby,

    Please, do try to get The King's Speech for us & any other British comedies you can find. There is nothing quite like British humour to raise spirits...


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