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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sussex Patio

At Sussex L we are proud of our communal effort patio - makes everyone friendlier. We preferred a slab to pavers. If you would like to know the company that poured the concrete and where I got healthy plants for much less than Home Depot and Lowes, send me email request to Coffee and pick-your-own loquats this morning.
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  1. Your patio looks great, Elaine. We love our patio. We had our annual meeting out on it the past two years. Especially at this time of year, it's nice out there in the late afternoon. We have no "official" furniture. Nice stuff just started appearing: tables, chairs, a lounge chair. Several of us will go out there and just chat, or two of us will play a game of chess, or we'll get up a barbecue.

    I know what the next comment will be: Where did we steal our "suddenly appearing" furniture? So I'd best head it off at the pass. Two of our number work for rich people in Palm Beach and elsewhere, glad to get rid of great stuff that for them just won't "fit in."

  2. Hi all,

    Loquats indeed!

    Coefficient of FP&D = 1000

    Dave Israel

  3. Dave, Your being to kind!!!!!!!! Coefficient of FP&D = 2000

  4. Elaine we have tried to get in touch with the company on the Email that you sent but I guess he does not answer his phone as his answering machine is full. Too much work?


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