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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Quiet Workers or Noisy Talky Talkers

Its almost election time.
UCO is more businesslike everyday, saving our money, finding efficiencies – they are too busy to go around campaign talking. But outside UCO, we have our fast talking politicians who contribute nothing but misinformation gossip (I am being kind there). They are only interested in the power that allows them to PLAY with YOUR money. They do not have the skills necessary to run UCO.
You do not have to vote for a full slate, only give your valuable votes to those who are worthy workers.


  1. Amen Elaine. There are those on the election slate whose only goal in the village is to go to the Delegate Assembly meegtings and be disruptive with nothing constructive to add to anything. It is too bad that a lot of really good people with lots to give to the village just don't come forward and we are left with some mal contents.

  2. Thanks Elaine, this needed to be said. Why would anyone vote for someone who continually puts UCO down and is never for anything that is done. UCO is doing great things for the village and we would like to keep it that way.


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