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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

They want to eliminate all funding for Public Broadcasting

Three amendments have been introduced in the U.S. Senate with the goal of eliminating all funding for public broadcasting.

These amendments to the Small Business Act Reauthorization (S. 493) were filed by Senator Tom Coburn (OK), Senator Jim DeMint (SC) and Senator Rand Paul (KY) in an attempt to put the Senate’s position on public broadcasting on the record.

We cannot allow these amendments to attract support and threaten funding vital to your local public radio and television stations. Votes on these amendments could occur as early as this week.

Please call Sen. Bill Nelson (202) 224-5274 and Sen. Marco Rubio (202) 224-3041 today. When talking with your Senators or leaving a message with their staff, make these points: I understand that S. 493, the Small Business Act Reauthorization, has three amendments filed that would eliminate funding for public broadcasting.

 I urge the Senator to oppose these amendments and any other attempts to eliminate funding for public broadcasting. The majority of public broadcasting funding goes to local public radio and television stations. This essential public service is too important to eliminate. What else can you do?

Click here to send an email to your Senators and Representatives urging them to support funding for public broadcasting. Click here to invite your friends and family to join 170 Million Americans for Public Broadcasting.

Yours is the most important voice in the debate in Washington about the future of public broadcasting. Thank you for standing up to defend this vital public service. 170 Million Americans for Public Broadcasting


  1. There was a time when Public Broadcasting was politically down the middle if not a bit right leaning .... no more! When the likes of George Soros and his extreme left agenda begin pouring boatloads of money in Public Broadcasting it's time to pull the plug and make them swim upstream like the rest of the media.

    ....and I am still a local broadcasting contributor.

  2. to L7218: So am I (still a contributor). Unlike Fox who maintain that they are "fair and balanced, PBS is more "centered." They offer the news "like it is" and let their viewers "do their own thinking," and all that with NO COMMERCIALS. That's the part I like best, don't you?

  3. News like it is? Not any longer. The Open Society Foundation recently donated 1.8 million dollars to hire 100 new reporters to NPR. If you would like to see the future of our beloved Public Broadcasting look here:


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