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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Hi all,

The Operations Committee met this afternoon to discuss the upcoming shows and entertainment for the new season.

While no contracts have been signed, it is clear that a fine schedule is in store, with some real surprises on the agenda. Prices will be held stable.

This meeting almost never happened because of the antics of a small dedicated group of disruptive persons that most of you would recognize.

It is the same group of individuals that rise regularly at our Delegate Assembly meetings and have no constructive input, all they bring is disruption, unfounded complaints and baseless criticism. It is the same group that send negative articles to the UCO Reporter with no useful or informative content.

This meeting is a yearly event, and has always been closed to all persons except the Operations Committee members; why is it closed you ask, because proprietary information about each performers contract and compensation are discussed, and these performers have a right to their privacy on such matters.

At the first attempt to hold the meeting earlier in the day, the small group referenced above entered the UCO conference room, ensconced themselves along the wall; and when advised of the proprietary privacy issues involved, refused to leave. This left me no choice but to adjourn the meeting for reschedule at a later time.

UCO simply will not succumb to such threats and disruption, we were elected to do the unit owners business, not to pander to disruptive malcontents.

Dave Israel
United Civic Organization


  1. The following may prove instructive for those who felt that they were well within their rights to attend this Annual Operations Committee Meeting:



    Section 1: The Sunshine Laws as promulgated by the Federal and/or State authority shall be used as a guide for any and all meetings with the following exceptions:

    1. dealings with UCO’s attorney and/or any other official entities or third parties which are privileged, confidential or otherwise may be considered sensitive in nature; and

    2. meetings between UCO Investigations personnel and prospective unit owners/occupants, Association Board Members, real estate agents, etc.; and

    3. meetings to discuss issues pertaining to paid employees.

  2. I wasn't aware randall that this was an Annual Operations Committee Meeting. But I was wondering if there will be another meeting with Abbey, about the tickets and how they will be priced out. I and many others have attended those meeting in the past two years. If you have any doubt about my truthfulness please check with Mr. George Lowenstein past president or the people whom attended those meetings. I will be glad to give you a list of them. Maybe this year this administration changed the agenda. But, would it not be fair to allow the residents to be in on how the pricing of tickets are done and then ask them to leave when it came to the amount contracted for performers. Thank you for feedback on this matter, as always it is appreciated.

  3. Barbara I think you have closed your eyes to the fact that this is the most open administration that we have had in many years. Maybe George allowed you in on how tickets are priced and performers pay but under number 3 as per Randall certain parts of meeting are not open. The tickets are the cheapest that are to had. UCO is not trying to pull the wool over you eyes. They are doing a great job even with those who would try to de rail them Barbara.

  4. Dear Grace, I am sorry you feel this way. But I only suggested an alternative to the meeting as part open and part closed. I have never tried to Derail anyone in this administration. If anything I have supported them. I have never said they are trying to pull the wool over my eyes, my eyes are really open now. I also had no problem with the price of the tickets, as you know I attend many shows and enjoy them. Abbey does a fine job. I was not in on this so called cancelled meeting. I was sitting out in the lobby of Uco, in case it became open. Maybe you should see both side of this picture. If you would like to call me, please feel welcome. my number is 640-9789

  5. Hi all,

    The problem with bifurcating the meeting, is that there is no logical way of setting the ticket price, without knowledge of the cost of the performer; so this information is on the table from the start.

    The meeting that will be held in June, will have all of the information as to what acts have been booked, and the cost of the ticket. The only redaction will be the cost of the act.

    This meeting is the one that everyone remembers attending; and which will be open again in due course.

    Dave Israel


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