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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Asian-Fusion Restaurant

Elsewhere on the blog, reference was made to another Asian Fusion
Restaurant on 44l ( SR 7) and the inference that the Military/
Community location was an extension...Not having visited the former
cannot comment, however the latter afforded a most pleasant ex-
perience. The selection is extensive, one can order from their
menu, which is exclusively Chinese..Cantonese, Mandarin etc., or
self service, from their vast buffet which has a section devoted
to Sushi, desserts, consisting of fresh/canned fruits,puddings &
last but not least....various flavors of Ice Cream.. For my dining
companions it was most enjoyable and definetely will be re visited.

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  1. Having been to both of the restaurants I think the one on Community Drive that you were at has a larger sselection. As far as a menu I did not know that you could order from a menu. I thought it was just a bugget. Loved the mint flavored ice cream.


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