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Friday, May 27, 2011


Hi all,
There was a major briefing delivered this morning in the Clubhouse theater. The brief was delivered by our LCAM, an Engineer and by representitives from major contracting firms involved in the project.

This project involves eliminating flooding by repair of our Village drainage system, Rehabilitating our Perimeter Roadway and sidewalk system and repairing the asphalt surfaces across the entire Village as needed.
It is a three year project which will cost millions of our dollars.

This briefing was advertised well in advance and yet, only 35 unit owners attended; it was an embarrassment!

Such a level of apathy over the expenditure of such a large amount of money is difficult for me to understand. I would appreciate comments on this issue.
The good news is that the briefing was recorded and may be viewed at the following URL:

See also in the sidebar under heading Public Service Announcements - ROADWAY REPAIR- TOWN HALL MEETING.

The quality is not good, but hopefully, some of you will turn up the volume and tune in!

Dave Israel
United Civic Organization


  1. Dave, I think that the majority of those unit owners who are interested in what goes on in CV, but also are able to attend the meetings, are SNOWBIRDS. As such, they are not in residence, and hence, not able to attend. Meetings of this type and importance should be scheduled when the majority of the population is able to attend!!
    Bob B.

  2. Hi Bob B,
    May 27, 2011 9:45 PM,

    You have a very good point, and when the Seasonal Residents return we will consider re-running the briefing.

    In the meanwhile, this video should be helpful.

    Dave Israel

  3. You and UCO did an excellent job with this Dave. And, CV is at least 45-50% occupied all year and cannot wait for snowbirds and snowflakes to arrive to get all its business done during the winter. Those who want to pay attention will always do so.

  4. CV needs winter resident participation in the decision making process. You are kidding yourself when you think that 45-50%of the population is present all year. That is an exaggerated number. Of those who ARE present all year, how many are home bound, or need aids or companions just to get through their daily living? Take advantage of the electronic age, and remove the residency rule for participation on the executive board (9 months in residence per year).

  5. I agree with Bob B. For example of our 24 units only four owners are not snow birds and are in residence year round. Trying to get them to do routine condo business is almost impossible even though three are on the board.


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