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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Clubhouse Outdoor Pools

Rumor has it , the Clubhouse will be closed for a month to rewire and bring it up to code or something . Will the guest and residents pools remain open while the work is being done? I hope so.


  1. No, but you can go to Hastings or the beach.

  2. start/end dates for the closing? thank you

  3. C'mon Mike, don't let the little old ladies see that you are afraid of the Hastings motion pool. You may also try Camden, Kent, Somerset, and Dorchester pools, I'm not sure which of the many others are private. You could ask WPRF if any of these are unheated IAW your preference at clubhouse closing time.
    Dates TBD.

  4. Elaine ,Put a sock in it.
    It still sucks :(

  5. Hi Mike,
    Charming, simply charming!

    Dave Israel

  6. Hi Mag,
    June 5, 2011 4:21 PM,

    We do not know yet, there are permits to pull and parts to order.

    When it is known, it will be announced.

    Dave Israel

  7. Mike:
    Pools cannot operate w/out
    electricity, unless they are
    "kiddy ones" the pumps which
    control the filter & return
    lines are constantly running
    however, some maybe shut down during non-operational
    hrs. Furthermore, from all
    of the meetings, I attended
    access to the CH will only
    be available to the work crew at a date to be announced..All pools with
    eception of the 1 cold water
    at CH, are heated....

  8. I only use the unheated pool. :(

  9. All CV pools are heated only by the sun in Summer, electric heat is only used if there is freaky cool weather. (WPRF saves our $$) So Mike you can reorganize your team and test swim several pools. Take your thermometer and report back to us.

  10. My Dear Elaine , I think you should stick to planting ugly flowers at sussex and leave the pool people to their own devices. We are a very independent lot and need no suggestions about what to do with our limited leisure hours. Marvin has us all on a tight schedule and needs no help in thinking up wacky things to do. Mike : )


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