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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Village Report Investigations on Ch63

Congratulations to David Saxon on his succinct summary of the improvements in the UCO Investigations Dept. and the part played by the Interactive Investigation Forms on our sidebar. "Service and a Smile." Just another of the many projects now moving forward under the UCO administration.


  1. I know people who have used the new interactive forms for sales and rentals and they were amazed at how easy the whole investigation process has become.Kudos to President Israel for appointing Ed Black and Dave Givens to head up the Investigation Team.

  2. Hi Mike. I think you might have forgotten someone for Kudos, Claudette works side by side with David Givens

  3. Hi Barbara,
    Sorry, I didn't mention her , I didn't know she was heading up the investigation team.

  4. In addition to Claudette LaBonte as Co-Chair of Investigations, kudos also to the following vouluntters: Al Kaplan, Carol Castro and newcomers to the team Terry Heiek and Carol Conti.
    These volunteers are to be congratulated for their hard work and for always having a smile on their faces.

  5. Tropworld1,
    Yes, you are absolutely right, Thank you!


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