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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Thank you President Israel, or should I say "Wizard of Century village" because of your many degrees and your vast repertoire of knowledge, froming paving to irragation design to accounting to transportation and so on. Over the years I have often checked, googled, facebooked, my spaced etc. for people who may have the same last name that I have, as it is unique, but unfortunately have found very few from border to border, sea to shining sea. However, in your case, in search of this Ken Tonis, had you simply looked in the white pages of our West Palm Beach phone book , you would have found me me listed as: TONIS KENNETH CENTURY VILLAGE SOUTHAMPTON 108A, 478-5374 which my wife Barbara Thompson and I have owned since July 2005.
So much for back ground checks here at CV as well, where I'm registered, if the Presidente can't find me. Any wonder we've had a narc dealer and murderer found in our midst? Who else may lurk???...


  1. Hi Ken,

    Good to see you publishing under your own name, rather than having others publish for you. My point was simply that you do not seem to be on the owner of record line in the PAPA rolls for the unit you "own".

    As to finding you, that was no problem, I simply do not like to splash private information about our unit owners on the BLOG which is viewed world wide.

    Again, if you would attend a meeting on occasion, in this case the recent Operations committee meeting, you would know that WiFi will be provided at the Hastings Clubhouse, where WPRF will temporarily relocate during the outage.

    As for the aging switchgear, it has been noted on many previous occasions that it was not hurricane damaged, and thus not replaced in the post hurricane reconstruction.

    It is becoming more clear that researching for the facts prior to voicing complaints is not your basic mode of operations, have no fear, you are not alone in CV!

    Dave Israel

  2. Hi Ken,

    PS, It was indeed I who discovered the presence of a convicted murderer in our midst, who was indeed turned up by our Investigation department.

    The Association decided to approve this individual despite the conviction. You would know this if you had simply read our Village paper, The UCO Reporter.

    Research Ken, get the facts, then you might speak authoritatively!

    Dave Israel

  3. Hey, KentT. Only your wife is listed as owner at the address you cite in your posting. If ever you two part legally, you'll be left out in the cold...

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  5. ...never intentional published under anyone else's name. Had computer problems due to a virus and was not a registered blogger at the time. Lee simply helped me out. I feel very comfortable in researching the facts and voicing my opinion. Being president isn't an automatic pass to being right. and I assumed one purpose of this blog was to get information about such things as the Wi-Fi and not being left out in the dark as many people feel they are. Perhaps I'm wrong on that, but I'll take your advicement under consideration. Thanks...

  6. How anybody can critize David
    Isreal with a clear conscious
    need therapy. CV has never had
    a President with the knowledge,
    intelligence and patience that
    Dave has shown us and I for one
    will give much of my time in 2012
    in making sure David is reelected
    as President of Century Village.

  7. ...that's why we moved to Florida, where it's always warm...

  8. your condescension Dave, but I don't believe that's how the Palm Beach Post reported it...

  9. conscious is very clear. From where I sit I just happen to have a different perspective then you. And somehow, i think I'm not alone...

  10. Can't please all the people all the time. He is far from being alone. People do not read the Reporter and only know rumors from riding the bus. I am away for 3 months and know everything that is going on as I regularly read the blog and have the UCO Reporter mailed to my summer address. Dave Israel you are terrific!

  11. As well as reading the Reporter, and listening to the Delegate Meeting, you can be on the Information Forward Initiative List just email request to Dave and you will have all the many committees reading material.
    No need to blunder about in the misinformation fog.

  12. ElaineB...Thanks for the info. Just out of curiosity,were ever a stepford wife in a previous life???...

  13. You probably know the Stepford wives were modeled on the Wilton, CT wives. I lived there 25 years and I am practically perfect in every way.
    Sounds as if Southampton expects to live in perfect Stepford world LMAO. Suggest they get exercise working on building like we do; hand watering, pruning, de-trashing. Everybody has dead grass and assorted problems.

  14. A telephone directory listing is not proof of
    Ownership, only residency.
    No member of UCO, President
    or any other Officer, is
    responsible for "Undesirables" residing
    within, that is up to the
    Board of the individual
    Association. The examples
    mentioned, one was due to
    a purchase made by one family member, then Quick
    Deeded, to another, while
    the other an arrangement
    between parties to return
    the fugitive to the US, when
    he could be apprehended &
    prosecuted..Newspapers do not always get their stories
    David & I have clashed on
    many occasions, however I do
    appreciate his efforts ex-
    ercised on all of our behalfs.

  15. Newspapers aside, I'm afraid, like a lot of other people, you don't always get your facts straight either Bettie.

    You are correct only in that the man in question resides in a unit bought by a relative. It was in fact bought by a local attorney for her father. Court records indisputably prove that the Condominium Association granted two certificates of approval on May 28th 2009. One for the purchaser and another, dated the same day, granting occupancy to the purchasers father. This took place before the sale was actually closed on June 16th of the same year. This Association was fully aware of this man's background and notoriety. They were also aware that he had not completed his sentence – life, and was released on Parole.
    The quit deed you refer to was made, in favor of a children's trust on June 30th 2009 and as far as I'm aware never been transferred to the father.
    As of last March the occupant of this apartment was a serving as a director of his buildings Condominium Association and incidentally, other agencies and organisations have been equally forgiving.

  16. Bettie L.,
    I believe that the Deed Type you referred to is known as a "Quit Claim Deed", not a "Quick Claim Deed".


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