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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


A few questions about the Club House closing from August 8th - September 8th.

1. Why does the Club House need to be closed for Elecrical work, when just 3 (three) years ago it was rebuilt due to the hurricane???? Why wasn't all electrical work done then???????

2. WiFi -- where will WiFi be available during this month-long process????

3. Will we all get a rebate from WPRF for the interuption of service????



  1. This topic has been covered MANY times in meetings and in the UCO Reporter. The Club House structure was repaired 6 years ago (not 3) due to 2 hurricanes in 2004. The electric system was restored to its old pre hurricane status. That 1971 system is now defunct.

  2. WiFI, will be available @
    Hastings, according to
    Anita Pearce,during the
    clubhouse closure.
    As the room containing the
    Switchgears was not damaged
    during the 2004/5 hurricanes
    there was no need for re-placement..Upon examination
    earlier this year, it was
    deemed a "fire threat"
    requiring s/a/p attention,
    which it received from all
    4 bodies & bid committee.
    According to Anita Pearce,
    refunds are not in order.

  3. I love the bloggers who dot the i's and cross the t's for the many of us who are "in the dark" here in the Village. Thank you for "turning the light on" for us.


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